Sony Launches Xperia Hello! in Japan

Back at MWC 2016, Sony introduced its concept for an assistant ‘Xperia Agent’ and now after almost two years, it launches Xperia Hello.

Sony Xperia Hello

For now, it will be launching only in Japan from November 16th, Xperia Hello! is a communication robot that can recognize each member of the family and assist with daily life simply by talking to it just like google home or amazon's Alexa but on steroid.

Xperia Hello! combines Sony’s robotics expertise with Sony Agent Technology to help you and your family with tasks from your home.

Sony wants it to feels like a real member of your family

Xperia Hello! is packed with personality. It will assess its surroundings and speak or move according to the situation with no human input required.It has 340 degrees of movement and will turn its body to greet anyone who speaks to it. Additionally, the lights at the top of its body function as eyes and are used to express feelings of loneliness to happiness, sadness to excitement.

With four motion sensors and seven microphones in its lower body, it can detect someone approaching within a three-meter radius. And uses its camera to identify if its a family member and actively convey any information, messages, or news, as appropriate. It has a 4.6-inch liquid crystal touch screen display that displays conversations, news, and more.

Xperia Hello!  can send or received messages and convey it to the appropriate family member. It can even remember important days and family events and notify the entire household. No more forgotten birthdays or anniversaries.

By using the “show me what my family is up to” command from your LINE account, Xperia Hello! will notify you of the last time the children’s faces were detected. The “show me what you see” command will cause Xperia Hello! to rotate and provide a view of its surroundings just like a CCTV camera.

Because of its ability to recognize individual family members, it can provide them with personalized info about news, traffic, weather forecasts, messages, and more. Each member can set preferred news categories and by recording traffic routes to school and work, Xperia Hello! will automatically notify you of any accidents or traffic delays along your route.

Fun part ask Xperia Hello! to ‘do a dance’ and because of its articulation compared to google home it will perform a dance for you, you can check the full introductory video but it is in Japanese.

Xperia Hello! sure is a fun assistant to have, let's see if Sony will launch it globally to compete with Google's Home and Amazon's Alexa. Let us know what you think on the comments below.


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