Bitcoin Trading Hits Another Record High

Bitcoin Trading Hits Record High

If you invest in Bitcoin you should be thankful.

As the price per bitcoin reach another record high of $9900 or Php500,000.

Bitcoin price

The velocity of bitcoin’s upward trajectory has surged in recent times. It covered the distance between $8,000 and $9,000 in 7 days versus the 17 days it took to cross the mark between $7,000 and $8,000.

Based on reports, bitcoin’s most recent rally is due to a combination of mainstream traction and the enthusiasm of investors in Asia. 

Investors in Asia also drove up the cryptocurrency’s price. Specifically, South Korean investors ditched Bitcoin Cash, which had spiked four days ago on the back of interest from traders there, for bitcoin.

As we mention last August when Bitcoin price is just $4000 or Php216,000 that it will gain 40%-70% before the end of the year, and it just did.

But be cautious as there are some speculation that some BTC whales or person with a high volume of BTC are planning to dump to correct the price per bitcoin, and we may see a 1000-2000 price correction if BTC will reach $10,000 per BTC

So for those who want to invest on this kind of currency, you are lucky that you only need a bitcoin wallet to start trading.

In the Philippines you can register at to create your bitcoin wallet and cash in to convert it to bitcoin and wait for the price of the bitcoin to rise and cashout your investment

Note: You just need to verify your account using your government issued IDs to increase your daily and monthly limit for cash-in and cash-out

You can register an account HERE
or if you want to learn about cloud mining please read our article about How To Mine Bitcoins: Cloud Mining


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