How to take beautiful portrait shots on iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus

How to take beautiful portrait shots on iPhone X and iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

The arrival of Apple’s latest smartphones has caused a predictable stir - particularly the extravagantly priced, all-OLED-screen iPhone X.

One key feature the iPhone X shares with its brother, the iPhone 8 Plus, is the ability to capture stunning Portrait Lighting shots with its dual-camera setup.

The iPhone 7 first introduced Portrait portrait shots in 2016, bringing your subject into sharp focus while the background is artfully blurred out.

But the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X add an extra layer of modification to these portrait shots. It’s now possible to apply an impressive range of studio-like lighting effects to those snaps, both live and after the event.

It’s an intriguing new feature with a lot of creative potential. These are more than just filters, rather utilising fundamental photographic principles to produce the effect of real studio lighting.

This isn’t something we’ve encountered before on any smartphone. To that end, Apple recently posted a pair of videos to help new iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus owners get the most out of the new Portrait Lighting camera tools.

The first video deals with how to actually take a Portrait Lighting shot:

Essentially you’re opening the camera app and sliding right to access Portrait mode. From there you can select your lighting effect by swiping and cycling between the five options. Then just take a picture as normal.

One of the best things about Apple’s new Portrait Lighting facility, though, is that you can apply the lighting effects after you’ve taken the shot - providing you shoot in Portrait mode to begin with. Apple’s second video deals with how to do just that:

Go into the Photos app and select a Portrait shot (it’ll be marked as such). Then, tap the Edit button to the top right of the screen. Again, swipe and slide through the five lighting options to dramatically alter the look of your snap. Then just tap Done, and you’re done!

If you’ve bought one of Apple’s latest dual-lens iPhones recently, or are getting one for Christmas, you’re in for a photographic treat. Follow these tips and you’ll be taking beautifully lit portrait pictures like a true pro.

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