Group FaceTime and other features confirmed as Apple publishes full iOS 12.1 iPhone user guide


iPhone user guide

Apple has updated its iPhone User Guide for iOS 12.1, suggesting that the release of the iOS 12 update may be imminent, and confirming the debut of promised features such as Group FaceTime and Dual-SIM support, as well as providing some additional detail on how these features will work and where they will be supported. While Apple unveiled Group FaceTime as a feature earlier this year at WWDC, it was quietly removed from the final release of iOS 12 to be deferred to a later release.

The company also similarly showed off the Dual-SIM Standby feature at its September iPhone event, white tacitly noting that the feature would be coming in a later software update. Both features made an appearance during the iOS 12.1 beta cycle, but with Apple having been known recently for including features in iOS betas that didn’t make it into final releases, today’s appearance of the iOS 12.1 user guide is the first acknowledgment that these features will, in fact, be making their appearance in iOS 12.1.


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