TipidCP a mobile selling site for Pinoys

I was surfing the net to buy a new smartphone, and i came across this site www.tipidcp.com

It is a buy and sell site for all gsm device, you can find a lot of seller and buyers for used and brandnew phones from all over the philippines,

Some of the shops also sell their products here so expect a big discount for brandnew phones compared to mall prices, brandnew units with official warranty

Also you can find a lot of used phones here, but take note!! Some users from this site are just bogus seller, so check the feedback section of the user's youre buying from

You can also find people who may buy your old phones and turn them to cash

So good luck browsing the site before you decide to buy

I just got a brandnew galaxy s4 for only Php20,000 With official samsung warranty, and the samsung kiosks authenticated the unit, so i save a lot compare to the mall price of Php 33,000 of the same unit

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