Android Oreo Bluetooth issue


Final beta for Android Oreo is out for Pixel and Nexus owners so if your pixel or nexus received the update read this.

One of the improvements that folks were looking forward to in Android Oreo is Bluetooth connectivity improvements,Since Google is having issues with the Pixel phones and Nougat. Unfortunately for some people, those improvements were not made with the new update, but Google is currently checking feedback on whats going on.

A variety of Bluetooth issues are taking a peek at the Nexus and Pixel forums, folks have reported, such as audio briefly cutting out every five to 20 seconds and skipping sounds that resemble the sound a “scratched CD” gives.

For users experiencing the same problem Google is after for the following feedback:

Year/make/model of your car

Brand of headphones

Bluetooth Speakers
Speaker brand

Hopefully, it’s an easily diagnosed problem, and it won’t take Google long to fix. There’s no way it’ll push Android Oreo to devices with this as a known issue, so if it takes weeks to solve, it could end up negatively impacting the timeline for getting Oreo to devices not only for the Pixel and Nexus but for other manufacturers as well.

Google has said that the update will be coming to Pixel and Nexus devices “soon,” while other devices will take longer. Hopefully, most major brands will get the update out to flagship phones before the end of the year including the newest Galaxy Note 8

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