Bitcoin Trading Hits Record High


(UPDATE: As Bitcoin reaches new record high at $9900)

Bitcoin has surprised traders by breaking through the $4,000 critical resistance level. This cryptocurrency had an increased demand over the weekend, hitting an all-time high of $4,225.40 or Php216,910.91
The digital currency has been rising tremendously since the beginning of 2017, gaining 40% this month alone.
Recent geopolitical tensions have sent investors looking for safe havens like gold and other assets including Bitcoin.
And it is expected to even rise 40-70% before the end of the year.
So for those who want to invest on this kind of currency, you are lucky that you only need a bitcoin wallet to start trading.
In the Philippines you can register at to create your bitcoin wallet and cash in to convert it to bitcoin and wait for the price of the bitcoin to rise and cashout your investment
Note: You just need to verify your account using your government issued IDs to increase your daily and monthly limit for cash-in and cash-out
You can register an account HERE

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