Best travel apps for Android

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Mobile phones are important tools for travelers. You can look up information, book hotels, book flights, find pit stops, and find out all kinds of information in the palm of your hand. More and more people are depending on their mobile phones for travel. Frankly, it’s easier that way. We’d like to help make your next trip easier too. Here are the best travel apps for Android! In the interest of variety, we do not cover any GPS or navigation apps here. You can find those linked just below if you need one.

Google Trip

Google Trips is one of the relatively newer travel apps. It's a trip planner app that lets you put all of your reservations, plans, and stuff to do all in one place. In addition to letting you store all of that stuff, the app has a list of nearby attractions that are both interesting and family friendly. Best of all, the app works offline so you'll have access to the info even in areas with no web access. It's newer and that means it does still need a bit of work. However, it should work more than well enough for most. Did we mention? It's also free.

Google Translate

Not everyone has the time to fully learn to speak, read, or write a new language. Those people should probably reach for an app like Google Translate. It features the ability to translate virtually any language into almost any other language. Additionally, there is a camera feature that lets you point your phone at a sign or a menu to get an instant translation. Best of all, there's a real-time speech translator that can help you talk to people. It's one of the most essential travel apps out there. It's also totally free.


Airbnb is one of the best independent travel apps. It also has some of the most varied options out there. For those who don't know, Airbnb allows people to rent out spare rooms to random travelers. It boasts 2.5 million homes across over 190 countries. You can also add events to itinerary if you're interested in other stuff. The app has had its problems and the independent nature lends itself to the occasional problem. However, it's a really fun way to skirt the typical and go for something different.


Uber,Grab, and similar apps can help you find rides around town. They're decent alternatives to something like a rental car for those who don't plan on doing a lot of driving around town. Usually, their prices are fairly reasonable and you can always switch back and forth between them to find the better deals. They're available in plenty of countries and wait times shouldn't be too bad most of the time. We don't recommend using them if you plan on driving a whole bunch because the money will add up. Otherwise, they're great travel apps to pick up.

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