Google Photos now identifies your Dogs and Cats

If you're fond of taking pictures of your furry friends, Now, photos of your dog or cat will be grouped alongside people in Google Photos on its latest update.

Google Photos' main selling points is how accurate it can identify faces in photos and group them together on your album. Googles face recognition is pretty impressive, and it saves a lot of time when you're looking in your library for pictures of a specific person.

The 'People' section where you currently see all of the face Photos of identified persons in your library is appropriately being renamed 'People & Pets.' Here, your dogs and/or cats will show up among your friends and family; they're not separated, adding to the feeling that your pets are your family. You'll be able to do everything that you can with photos of humans; you can label your pets by name, find photos of them, and even find photos of you and them together.

This update helps you express your love to your four-legged friend and will surely be a handy feature. Google's wording implies that this capability is out now for everyone. Let us know in the comments below if you are one of the first ones to get this feature.

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