iPhone 8 Battery Issue


Yet another problem emerges for the new iPhone 8 and 8+ so if your an Apple fan please be informed, further iPhone 8 handsets have been reportedly suffered from splits caused by swollen batteries.

After the earpiece issue, reports of batteries that have expanded and busted through the frame of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus handsets have now cropped up in Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Greece an other nations, indicating that initial reports of iPhone 8 batteries are not isolated to a region that may have received faulty handsets.

When faulty numbers begin to grow, there’s a chance that the problem could be a widespread one, such as the case of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets. Hundreds of faulty Galaxy Note 7 were reported as faulty soon after that device launched. The scale of the failure prompted Samsung to recall and discontinue the handset. The problem was traced to a design flaw.

But Apple’s iPhone 8 battery bother does not seem to pose a danger to its users at the moment, but it is not a good sign for the company that prided itself on products with excellent build quality to have this kind of problem.

PocketNow, note that the batteries in the faulty iPhone 8 handsets are produced by Samsung’s SDI unit and by LG Chem; this could suggest that the battery problems the iPhone 8 appears to be having could be related to the battery issues suffered by the Note 7, though this is just speculation thus far.

Could Apple release an official statement regarding this soon?

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