OnePlus 5T launch date spotted in new image

The next handset from OnePlus might just be right around the corner. If true, the new image that’s circulating the web states that the OnePlus 5T is set to go on sale next month, shortly after its launch date set for mid-November.

OnePlus 5T launch date

The image was reported by, which shows the OnePlus 5T off in the same fashion as its predecessor. Both handsets are presented as an Amazon Exclusive in specific markets, lending credibility to the new post, which, if true, means we will get a showcase of the smartphone on November 16th.

It is also suggested that the phone is to hit shelves in the same month, however, the exact date has been deleted from the image. But according to some sources, OnePlus might follow the release pattern of its previous phones. This would mean like the previous 5, the OnePlus 5T would release just a week after its launch event.

So far, no leak or rumor has been confirmed, with the OnePlus 5T expected to minimise its bezels in the official-looking render and to follow the footsteps of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in terms of specifications. This means the possibility of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and up to 8GB of RAM

If the rumors are true and the company releases its phone this November, I hope that DigitalWalker brings this phone locally just in time for the Christmas season.

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