Vortx the 4D Environmental Simulator for Gamers

From 360 degrees sound effects for a better position tracking, a high refresh rate monitor to update visual faster and now a sense or environment simulator for games.

Playing games with immersive sound and now feeling will sure take your gaming experience to a whole new level, a Kickstarter campaign aims to bring the worlds first 4D environmental simulator the Vortx.

Vortx promises to enhance every gaming experience with acute awareness of the environment around you and your characters. you'll able to feel the power of every explosion, high-speed movement, and teleportation, or even the warmth of a burning enemy.

As it offers Real-Time Environmental effects, It analyzes what is happening on-screen to create physical effects and sensations you can feel. From fiery explosions to the rush of wind at high speeds, Vortx puts you in the center of the action so you can feel what you see.
Check the Full video on how it works.

As of writing the funding goal isn't reached yet, but we want to see if this technology will deliver its promises or it will just be a flop like other new techs startups. Let us know your opinion form the comment section.


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