Best photo app for iPhone X: Level up your photography skills with infltr

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There are a lot of impressive aspects to the iPhone X, but one of its main highlights is the new front-facing True Depth camera, which is primarily designed to power the phone’s 3D face scanner, but the same tech also allowed Apple to bring its Portrait Mode to the front-facing camera, so you can take striking selfies where the foreground really stands out from the background.

That’s all Apple, but infltr is a photo filters app which can also tap into that information, allowing it to access a 3D map of an image so that you can apply different filters to the foreground and background.

On other iPhone models infltr would only be able to apply a single filter to the whole image when using the front-facing camera, as typically multiple lenses are required to sense depth in the image.

The effects are potentially striking, much like they are when using Apple’s own Portrait Lighting filters, the difference is that Apple has only supplied a handful, while infltr has millions.

The latest update to the infltr app also lets you select where the boundary between the foreground and background lies in your photos, so that the filters are positioned exactly as you want.

The same filters are also available for Live Photos, and once you’ve selected your filters you can adjust them using thirteen built-in tools, including vignette, saturation, contrast, brightness, tint, temperature, hue and more.

All of these same abilities are available to the dual-lens rear camera on the iPhone X (and to the dual-lens cameras on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus), so infltr is an essential app whatever kind of photography you’re into, just as long as you have one of Apple’s dual-lens phones.

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