OnePlus 5T won't have wireless charging CEO confirms

OnePlus 5T wireless charging

OnePlus is teasing with information about the OnePlus 5T before its official announcement. In the previous week, it's been confirmed that the OnePlus 5T will have a 3.5mm headphone jack unlike Pixel 2 phone of Google. But it won't be having a wireless charging capability The reason behind it is that the company’s Dash Charge is better than wireless charging.

Dash Charge is the fast charging technology by OnePlus which allow the OnePlus phones to gain a day’s power by charging for only 30 minutes. Through Dash Charge, OnePlus phones can be charged with a charging output of 20W. On the other side, the wireless charging produces 15W of power. Hence, the existing wireless charging technology is incapable of charging smartphones quickly.

Also, wireless charging is not a truly wireless feature, meaning that the handset needs to be placed on a charging pad. While the smartphone is getting charged wirelessly, it cannot be picked up for enjoying a game or taking a photo. Lau claims that these things can be easily done while charging through the OnePlus phone through Dash Charge cable and charger provided by the company.

He further stated that the company may introduce the wireless charging feature when the right time arrives. The Qi wireless charging standard adopt by various smartphone OEMs does not charge well through metal. Hence, smartphones that are enabled with wireless charging come with glass or polycarbonate chassis

Apple iPhones have featured metallic bodies since several years. However, in order to introduce wireless charging, In 2017 iPhones launched with glass chassis. Since the company won’t be bringing wireless charging on OnePlus 5T, it is expected to arrive with a metallic body.

After the Nov. 16 unveil event for OnePlus 5T, it will be made available for buying in North America and Europe from Nov. 21. and hopefully, DigitalWalker or Kimstore sell the unit locally.

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