Samsung reportedly working to improve Galaxy S9 facial recognition and Iris Scanning

Samsung Galaxy S9 improve Iris Scanning
Photo: Samsung

Samsung is rumored to be working on improving the Iris scanner and face recognition tech on its upcoming flagship phone, Galaxy S9. As per recent reports, the company is looking to bring software enhancements to improve recognition speed for both facial recognition and iris scanner on the Galaxy S9.

Since Apple has introduced Face ID with the iPhone X, it comes as no surprise that Samsung will be very focused on bringing something similar to the Galaxy S9. However, if Samsung is really trying to match Apple’s tech with just software enhancements, it might not be able to impress.

The report further states that the front camera and iris scanner module on Galaxy S9 will be similar in specs to that of Galaxy S8. If that holds true, the iris scanner and facial recognition on Galaxy S9 won’t be extraordinary for sure but will give the users a faster and improved experience than Galaxy S8.

That said, it is also being rumored that Samsung will be mainly focused on improving the processor and camera performance on Galaxy S9. The Google Pixel 2, Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Apple’s iPhone X have gone far ahead in terms of camera performance. Samsung’s current gen. flagship phones, Galaxy S8 and Note8, also feature great camera but are significantly behind when compared to the new flagship phones from Google, Huawei and Apple.


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