Qoobo : The Tailed Cushion That Heals Your Heart


Qoobo IREX2017

If ever you’re in need of something soft to hold and squeeze, we present you Qoobo. It’s a product that is every bit as weird as its name. Described most simply as a headless robotic cat, you may not think that a decapitated stuffed animal could do you much good, but you could be wrong.

The bizarre device comes from the wackily creative minds of Yukai Engineering Co., a Tokyo-based electronics company. It’s two pounds of fluff that features neither limbs nor a face, but even without those key features, may be enough to satisfy your need for fluff. Like a real cat, it will respond to your touch, but unlike a real cat, it will only vibrate or wag its tail. Come to think of it, if real cats only had those two reactions, things wouldn’t be so bad either.

One “uses” the Qoobo by placing it in your lap, where it will stay for as long as you like, unlike a real cat. Apparently, it is meant to behave something like a therapy animal, and the company wanted to emulate the “healing qualities” of a cuddly animal sitting on your lap and wagging its tail. watch the video below.

We got a hands-on experience on this device during the International Robotics Exhibition in Tokyo, and we can say it's quite relaxing actually to play with qoobo. As you've seen on the video it wags its tail depending on how you stroke the cushion.

It's so soft that you'll want to take it home once you experienced it. They are only available via Kickstarter campaign. with a price of 10,000yen or Php 4,500 each, It is quite expensive for a cushion but it's definitely a good alternative for housing that doesn't allow pets or for persons who just want to snuggle one.

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