5 Tips on buying a smartphone

5 Tips on buying a smartphone

People are always asking advice on what smartphone to get next when they are upgrading or just looking for something new. With so many smartphones on today's market here are 5 tips to consider when getting a new phone.

These things to consider ay by no means fact, it's just the thing I look for when buying  a smartphone, First is:


On today's market phones tend to be made of aluminum, glass, or plastic or maybe a combination of these materials. Flagship phones have an aluminum chassis with glass on the back to support wireless charging.

Also, you might want to consider the size of the phone, does it fit in your pocket and doesn't bulge especially for the male. If you want to comfortably use it with one hand or a big screen size to read books and website.

Bezel-less smartphones are quite popular nowadays that easily fits a 6-inches screen on a 5-inch body so you might consider this kind of phones to have the best of both worlds.

Operating System(OS) / Software

Next is the OS or software of the phone, there are two major OS to choose from, either Apple's iOS or Google Android.

Consider the update cycle of your phone especially for Android, receiving the latest update ensures you that you have the latest security patch and new features of Android. 2 year support is the common period you'll get from major manufacturers.

Apple products on the other hand have a better support for old phones when it comes to software updates.

Hardware/ cam, storage, battery

Most consumers buy a phone for its key features like camera or a big battery,
you should consider the hardware capability of the phone especially when you'll be using it to play 3D games or multitask.

You should also consider that the battery of your phone to last a typical day or two,  you don't want your phone to die on times you needed it most.

Smartphone cameras improved a lot, with its capability to produce those bokeh with the use of dual camera, also its aperture to shoot on low light situation. so if your a photo addicted user. a good camera should also be on your list when making a purchase.


Depending on the Manufacturer, added features of the phone are not to be overlooked. As this features may make or break your purchase. face unlock or that iris scanning are the norms on security of phones released last 2017. even though you might not need this feature you might find some features useful as you use the phone.


Lastly the price, even if all you need is on a certain phone you don't want to spend a fortune just to get that phone. so price should be consider as you might want to choose a smartphone depending on the max budget you can spend so that you'll be able to save some of your money for accessories. 

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