Kingston HyperX's Cloud Flight wireless gaming headset announced

Kingston HyperX's Cloud Flight wireless gaming headset

Kingston’s gaming brand, HyperX, have some of the best gaming headsets in the market. And today they just announced there new wireless gaming headset the HperX Cloud Flight.

The Cloud Flight headset features 50mm dynamic drivers, a detachable analog cable that bumps the frequency response from 20 - 20,000Hz to 15 - 23,000Hz when connected, and a closed-back design that weighs only 300g. It also features some LEDs that can be turned on, off, or to breathing, as preferred.

Cloud Flight can last 30 hours with the LEDs off, which is nearly double that of the Razer Threshers - the current wireless champ. While the weighty Thresher’s battery life isn’t a match for the Cloud Flight, it does have fantastic audio quality and really crisp sound, which makes for tough competition to the HyperX.

The price tag is at $159.99 or roughly Php8,000.00 but expect a slight price difference due to tax and duties once it arrived in our country.

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