Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual to come on budget phones

Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual to come on budget phones
image by: cnet4

Samsung has introduced a new camera solution to help manufacturers integrate dual-camera systems into their smartphones. Samsung announced the news in a press release, stating that the solution targets mid to entry-level phones.

Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual to come on budget phonesFor the first ISOCELL Dual outing, Samsung chose to focus on two popular uses of dual cameras – refocusing (bokeh) and low-light shooting. There’s a catch though, there is no single module that can do both, So companies can choose between a 13MP + 5MP setup for a bokeh-shooting camera and an 8MP + 8MP for a low-light camera. The image processing is tuned specifically for each camera sensor for best results.

We still don't know if a manufacturer will adapt this, but it will make a huge impact as the dual-sensor setup becomes more prevalent. Giving OEMs a system that’s easier to implement and shouldn’t be prone to problems that can occur through poor optimization can benifit both consumer and makers


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