Galaxy Note 10 will have no buttons


Samsung, one of the few remaining manufacturer that's not removing headphone jacks from smartphones, but it might be on the verge of ditching some other important pieces of its next flagship device. Rumors point to the Galaxy Note 10 as one of Samsung's first button-less phones with no physical volume or power buttons. One potential upside: no Bixby button, either.

The report comes from ETNews and is highly speculative, citing various unnamed industry sources. Samsung is allegedly looking at companies like NDT to supply a pressure-sensing module that could recognize presses on a phone without any physical buttons. HTC did something similar with the U12+, and it was a complete disaster.

This would be a reversal for Samsung, which added an extra button for Bixby just a few generations ago. Adding buttons is rarely necessary, but removing all of them? There are a lot of ways to screw up a good thing when you remove buttons, as we learned from HTC. If this is legit, Samsung might not even wait for the Note 10 to unveil the design tweak. ETNews suggests the upcoming mid-range Galaxy A90 could debut with a buttonless design as soon as next month making it a trend of releasing new hardware feature for its mid-range, before applying it to their flagship devices . Nothing is certain yet, but your future could be button-less using only the S-Pens buttons for input.

Source ETnews (korean)

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